What the Law Offices of Scott Green Offers


Today, 97% of all cases will settle before trial. Thus, the odds are that any attorney will eventually be able to bring closure to your matter. What sets a good attorney apart is the ability to find the path that achieves not only the maximum recovery, but that allows their client to get their pre-incident life back in the shortest amount of time. To achieve this result, rather than falling for the trap of simply moving through the litigation motions, even the smallest decisions on every case need to be made with the clear objective of moving the ball closer to resolution.

Cost Effectiveness

Too often litigants will go through a long drawn out legal battle, only to find that the large settlement they thought was coming their way is significantly reduced by the fees and costs needed to achieve the result. They ask themselves, what was the point of all this time, effort, and stress if the only person really benefitting is my attorney? I understand how easy it is for attorneys to fall into the trap of ?winning at all costs?. That is why I will give you an honest cost-benefit analysis of your matter that considers the time and effort you will have to put into it to bring it to a resolution, prior to starting down the litigation path.


Obtaining the maximum recovery at the lowest possible cost in the shortest amount of time requires a willingness to deviate from the standard litigation track that is designed to increase both. Being flexible in both fee structures and in the ways to proceed in any given matter is critical. Every case has a triggering event that will precipitate resolution. At every step along the way, I will make sure that you understand how every decision ties in to the overall recovery strategy of reaching that point, rather than just another box being checked on the standard litigation track.