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Based out of Chicago, The Law Offices of Scott Green specializes exclusively in litigating insurance disputes on behalf of policyholders. My clients include not only commercial and residential property owners who have suffered a denied or underpaid claim, but also the contractors and public adjusters working tirelessly on their behalf.
In today’s legal climate, the time and costs associated with litigation encourage policyholders to walk away from denied and underpaid claims. When they do make the decision to litigate, insurance companies bet that their insureds will accept pennies on the dollar, rather than fight the case all the way to the end. That is why my top priority in every case is to get it to trial in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.
While I will never guarantee a specific result, I do promise to always be forthright with my clients about the strengths and weaknesses of their case, the pros and cons of proceeding with litigation, and what I see as the likelihood of success should they go to trial. Diligence coupled with honest and transparent communication are the traits that allow my clients to make educated decisions about how to proceed with their case. Consequently, this allows them to feel good about the end-result, whether it be a settlement or a jury-verdict.
I am currently licensed in Illinois and Florida, with attorney relationships that allow me to represent policyholders throughout the United States.