Ice and Snow Claims

Ice & Snow Insurance Claims

Harsh winters, lasting seemingly forever, are an unfortunate reality in the Midwest. Extremely fluctuation in temperatures, mixed with heavy precipitation, can cause serious issues for homeowners and commercial property owners including:

Ice Damming

Ice damming occurs when warm air from inside the building causes the lower layers of snow or ice on a roof to melt, then as it runs off the roof it freezes on the eves causing ice dams and heavy icicles which can damage your roofing system.

Gutter Blockages

Which leads to gutter blockages making it difficult for the gutter system to properly divert the flow of water off and away from your structure, potentially causing damage to both your roofing and gutter systems.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks could transpire from ice, snow, and water build up and begin penetrating through your shingles and into your structure

Roof Collapse

In certain situations, the dense build-up from snow and ice can become so heavy that your roof structure simply cannot sustain the weight and could collapse.

Based on the complex chain effect of snow and ice damage, dealing with insurance claims stemming from these perils can become thoroughly complicated. From ensuring proper reimbursement for Loss of Use of your property to ensuring an accurate and fair property loss value, you can be certain our team of professionals will be on your side to swiftly handle your claim. 


Dutifully representing homeowners and business property owners is the exclusive concentration of Scott Green Law Offices. If your snow or ice damage claim is being delayed, denied, or underpaid, please contact us at Scott Green Law Offices for assistance. By providing policyholders with an in-depth and free of charge consultation, we can best assess your claim to develop a plan of action.