Fire and Smoke Claims

Policyholders must have somebody to turn to when their insurance company breaks the promise it made in exchange for their premium.

                                                                – Scott Green

With an estimated 499,000 structure fires in 2017 causing $13 billion in damage, there are very few instances more devastating than losing your property and possessions in fire. The Law Offices of Scott Green understands the whirlwind of chaos that a policyholder may experience in the days and months after such a tragic event, especially if a valid claim is being delayed or denied.


Smoke Damage

Smoke damage from fire can be very concerning for homeowners, especially children, elderly adults, and those with pre-existing health conditions. If not properly treated, the fine particles of smoke can penetrate your skin, lungs, and eyes potentially creating a wide variety of issues. Properly and quickly remediating smoke damage from a fire is an imperative element in protecting your family.

Partial Loss VS. Full Loss

An insurance company may declare your property a partial loss if they believe it can be salvaged with a significant amount of cleaning and restoration. In the event there is significant structural damage, your insurance company may decide to declare your property a full loss, meaning the damage is so significant that there is no avenue for repair.

Frequent reasons of a fire insurance claim being denied include:

  • Fraudulent charges or accusations
  • Violation of the insurance policy conditions and terms
  • Difference in valuation
  • Allegation of arson


Dutifully representing homeowners and business property owners is the exclusive concentration of Scott Green Law Offices. If your fire or smoke claim is being delayed, denied, or underpaid, please contact us at the Law Offices of Scott Green for assistance. By providing policyholders with an in-depth and free of charge consultation, we can best assess your claim to develop a plan of action.